Error while installation of India map

Hi all, I am trying to installation of India map on AWS server. We have tried with RAM of 2GB, 4GB and 8 GB, Still we are getting error while installation. Is there specific configurations will need to install India Map? Please help.

India is about 1.4GB of OSM data. For comparison, Britain and Ireland (which I’m familiar with) is only slightly larger and likely won’t fit in 8GB (assuming we’re talking raster tile servers here). I think you will need a bigger server.

Actual requirements will also depend on the map style that you’re using (I’m assuming OSM Carto, but other styles are available).

You’ll also need to provide more information than “we are getting an error during the installation”. What actual error occurred?

Also, whilst there are many reasons for using AWS (integration, manageability, etc.) for a standalone experimental tile server it’s probably not the most cost-effective option. I’d probably start somewhere else, and then think about which AWS components you need to do the same thing.