Error when generating tiles by mapnik

Hi all,
I have downloaded the file tunisia.osm and with the osm2pgsql i put the data
into a postgres data base.
I have followed the instruction how to change the set-mapnik-dev and i have
executed the following commands :

source set-mapnik-env
./customize-mapnik-map >$MAPNIK_MAP_FILE

But the problem is that it I obtained this error :
UserWarning: PSQL error:
FATAL: authentification Ident échouée pour l’utilisateur « postgres » in
layer ‘leisure’
( the authentification has failed for the user postgres to access layer
leisure ).

I need your help please.

How did you create the database? Are all the users and permissions correct? Can you log in to the database from the command line, and can you see the data?

Did the osm2pgsql process complete without any errors?

Was the mapnik “osm.xml” file created correctly? Can you see if the right database name and user have been filled in by the customization script?


Hi Peter,
I have created the base by using the command osm2pgsql ( i have downloaded the file tunisia.osm ) and the operation had been termined without any error.
So I obtained the following tables : planet_osm_line; planet_osm_point; planet_osm_polygon; planet_osm_roads.
Concerning the loging operation from the command line, yes i am able to log and sett the data.
Concerning the osm.xml file, when i type the following command

source set-mapnik-env
./customize-mapnik-map >$MAPNIK_MAP_FILE

the file osm.xml is configured with the right parameters ( the name of the base, the user, the password )

So, what you suggest for me ? thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hmm, I’m not sure…

What if you try to comment out the ‘leisure’ layer and try to render again?

You could also try to generate a small map first, with (or, I’m not sure which are included) instead of trying to generate all tiles at once. Maybe that will give a more meaningful error message.


@pberck: no go, he’ll get the error on the next layer in the stylesheet.

@ahmed soua: what really isn’t helping us helping you, is that you post your questions on several of the OSM mailing lists and on this forum, in rapid succession. Please, choose 1 mailing list thread or 1 forum thread, and stick all your questions in there.

Now for this question: I already answered you somewhere else (mailing list probably, but it’s hard to remember with what I said above) that you need to check your postgres details in the osm.xml.