Error codes displaying when zooming in on map

Error codes displaying on-screen when zooming in on the map.

If you search the “Essex” area. this is where the error code is displaying on the screen.

If you would like a screenshot, please contact me at

Thank you

As a start, you may post the name of the app or the web address you are looking at.

You can use to share your images.


If you click here

if you zoom in as much as you can, you will see an error code being displayed.

please, can you fix this?



I don’t see any error codes, nor can I recall ever seeing error codes within the map on the site. Can you tell us what it says?

I also don’t see error codes, but zooming in I once noticed artifacts produced by already reverted changeset, see
After pressing F5 to clear the browser cache the data looks good.

Good morning guys,

Please see image of error by clicking here:

if you cannot view this, please reach out to me at i can provide more details.

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Already fixed:
Please clear your browser cache to get a fresh set of map tiles.

Ah, so there wasn’t an error code after all, just unexpected tiles with many parallel ways.

Hi Guys, I can still see the tiles in the Essex area. This does not look right when zoomed in. Is this normal? Happy to discuss over the phone or email. Email details above.

Please post a link here - the URL from that you are using to see the problem will do. It is most likely to be a cache local to you.


If you click here:

zoom as close as you can, you will see the error appear.

Let me know your thoughts?

I did clear my cache and the same issue is persisting

Yes - same problem (at z17 now - ). It will get fixed when the rendering servers get chance to rerender the tiles. Perhaps use a different OSM map style for a while?

Okay…would you be able to let me know once it is fixed?

No, but you could have a look at to see when it is fixed for you. There are different rendering servers for different users around the world, and any caches between them and you will be different to between them and me.

At least 2 of the other 3 map styles at don’t show the problem, doesn’t, doesn’t and I’m sure that lots of others don’t too.