Erroneous feature on map mode, not showing in edit mode

There’s a mistake in my neighborhood that I’d like to fix (my neighbor keeps having packages sent to the wrong place), but when I go into edit mode, everything looks right.

If I search for “42 Hovey Rd Waltham”, I see both a building feature and a house feature, but in different places. This is the house, which is in the wrong place:

Here’s the building, in the right place: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

The building is in the right place, and the other houses on the streets are all buildings. But when I went into edit mode to try to remove the house, I can’t find it.

In edit mode: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

EDIT: Imgur links since I’m a new user on the forum, I can’t embed more than one.

The one labelled “house” in your first screenshot appears to be referring to the street itself when you click on the link. You get a similar “ghost” next to the road for house 33.

Good to know - is there a way to remove it?

If there’s nothing in the data pointing to it then I suspect it’s a Nominatim issue. I don’t know the best place to report those, but as the search appears to be returning the correct one as the first result it might be low priority.