EO1/EO1a inside Athens urban area

i have a problem regarding old national highway 1, in the original 1963 document says Athens - Dekeleia (Acharnes) - Sfendali, so Acharnon/Dekeleias/Tatoiou, then it continues to Sfendali (near Malakasa) through the mountain.
in the 1998 document it looks like Kifisias/Thiseos/Marathonos…in some maps i ve seen a second Tatoiou in Kifisia numbered EO1…
we need to clear this out…has anybody seen any sign?

Greece barely has road signs with road numbers, hence why we depend on official “lists” by ESYE and the like. The thing is that road numbers also appear on other roads maps I have seen at Stanfords in London (except for Anavasi ones).

For EO1, the “detailed” route in the 1998 list turns out to be a case of lazy cut and paste by the authorities, from the route for EO83. It has taken us quite a lot of attempts to get this far, but if the 1955 and 1963 lists are logical enough, EO1 should go from Syntagma Square to Omonoia Square, then northbound on 28th October Street to Ano Patisia, via Dekelia and Tatoiou Streets to Varymbopi, then through the Parnitha Forest to Malakasa.

For EO1a, this is a lot easier: it’s basically the A1 now.

For EP35, it’s the side road off the EO1 at Varymbopi.

Virtually all map providers, from OSM to Google, have struggled in this conundrum, but here we are treating EO1 in the context of being a toll-free alternative to the A1.

I wonder if you can also find proof that EO99 is widely believed to have been recently extended beyond Knossos to Martha, because it seems like so with those recent upgrades.

i think this is the proper way to label:
EO1 Athens - Varympompi (Acharnon/Dekeleias/Tatoiou) - Sfendali - Avlona - Oinofyta - Ritsona junction with EO44*
EO1a Agios Stefanos (Trapezountos) - Oinofyta junction

I’m not seeing Acharnon being part of the EO1. Coming in from Dekelias, there is a sign to the right that implies “turn right (into Chalkidos, Patision and 28th October Streets) for Athens”.

EO1a should go from Afidnes to Oinofyta, allowing EO81 to take Agios Stefanos to Afidnes. EO1a was intended to be replaced by A1, but we knew we had to also map toll-free alternatives.

Χαρτης του λεκανοπεδίου του 1890 απο τον Κάουπερτ. Δείτε το:

Φαίνεται οτι ο κύριος οδικός άξονας εξόδου απο την Αθήνα, (μεταγενέστερα Ε01), περιελάμβανε τις σημερινες οδούς:
28ης Οκτωβρίου – Πατησίων – Χαλκίδος – Δεκελείας – Τατοίου

Ο χάρτης προβάλλεται ως Layer του Google Map, και δεξιά εχει button εναλλαγής των layer για την κατανόηση της σημερινής αντιστοιχίας.