Ensuite toilet blocks in caravan parks

Touring while on holidays at the moment, & have been staying in a few caravan parks (tourism=camp_site!)

While (almost!) all parks have at least one amenities block, with toilets & showers, in some parks, some individual sites have their own dedicated ensuite toilet blocks, which are reserved for the occupants of that particular site e.g. https://dhp.azureedge.net/file/resize/c470x300~80/36386_discovery-parks-devonport-powered-ensuite-site-1.jpg

How should we map them?

Building either with a toilet node or just tagged as toilets is obvious, but what about access?

It’s not public, & really not customers either, as it’s only the people on that particular site who can use them. Private? Permit?

Don’t bother? :roll_eyes: :grinning:

The truth lies in between customers and private. It is not for all of the customers of the c’van park in general but for the customers hiring this particular site. And as it is not open to the public it is definitely kind of private.

To distinguish these ensuites from the general amenities block one could tag the latter with “customers” and the ensuite with “private” but I’d go for “customers” for all of them which fits best imo.

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