Enquiry about travel sponsorship for SOTM 2024

I’m Anushka Jain, an undergrad at IIT Roorkee, India. I’m a product designer with experiences at Indian companies like Swiggy and Razorpay.

My proposal titled “Reducing Swiggy’s Dependency on Google Maps with OSM” was recently accepted for SOTM 2024.

I have a few co speakers with me as well, who developed the software we are going to talk about at the conference.

I wanted to know whether conference speakers receive travel funding for the conference? If yes, how do we go about it?

Receiving a travel funding right now would be very helpful for us as students, and give us a chance to network with OSM contributors and users around the world.

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The official travel grant programme for the State of the Map conference is already closed. Every speaker must take care of their own travel arrangements and buy their own ticket to the conference.

I suggest you ask your sponsoring companies for travel support.