English writing of names.

Dear friends, how to write properly गाउँमा ?
There is different writing in english, soetimes “…gau”, sometimes “…gaun”.
We should decide for one version.

according to google translate ; गाउँमा = village (in english)

We talk about ending of names they have word “village” inside. Like word “river” which is in all Nepal written as nepali word “khola”. E.g. “Gothu Khola”.

I mailed to http://www.digitalhimalaya.com/contact.php with this topic link to ask for help.
Maybe … :wink:

wow, great job! Thanks for help! I had problems already with the city Kankharbitta or Kakarbhitta, saw two official names with different english writing…

wow, got a quick answer ;

thank you Mark :wink:

Dear nepali community, please put this description in the Wiki.
I guess, we need section: Writing nepali names in english.
And especially the same in nepali language, for nepali people they don´t speak english fluently.


Please enhance this list. If we have questions, we ask Mark again… :wink:

maybe also a good link ? →