(English) Offline topographic maps of Russia for Android devices

We startet to create a topographic map of Russia about a year ago. The offline maps are based on data from the OpenStreetMap project and are aimed at users of Android devices (smartphone, tablet). Unfortunately the initial russian supporter has left the project. Now we want to start a new attempt. Here are two screenshots (click to enlarge):

Question: Are there people here who could make a quality / usability check for the maps?


Well, I am intrested in such a map. But what do mean by “quality checking”?

Street names are dispalyed poorly - sometimes they just lacks several characters - look at the upper right corner of the second map.

toc-rox is your effort somehow related to https://opentopomap.org ?
Using the center of St. Petersburg as an example of a topographic map is not very helpful,
maybe you can post some tiles from the north-west direction.
Such approach will cover two important features:

  1. There is no SRTM data for this area,
  2. There are excellent historic topographic maps available at http://karjalankartat.fi (switch to 1:20 000 scale maps)

Sorry, the term “quality check” was a little bit unsharp. I know that in some areas the russian OSM tagging is a bit “special”. An example is the place tag for allotments. My understanding is, that it’s important to support this feature on a map. And I’m sure that there is more “special tagging” I’m not aware of.

Test maps are available for the following federation districts:

  • Central FD
  • North Caucasian FD
  • Northwestern FD (without Kaliningrad, Franz-Josef-Land, Nowaja Semlja)
  • Southern FD
  • Volga FD
    In short I can provide download links to the test maps.

No, the maps are related to the Freizeitkarte project. You can find more information about the Android (and Garmin) Freizeitkarte maps here: http://freizeitkarte-osm.de


PS: I have forgotten to mention that all maps are completely localized and free of charge.

It would be also greate to provide a link to software :).

Mir76, follow the link :slight_smile:


Software for Android:
The maps are based on the MapsForge project. That means that each Android app with (full) mapsforge integration is able to display the Freizeitkarte maps. Recommended apps are Locus Free/Pro and OruxMaps as full function map and outdoor apps. Or Cruiser / Cruiser Beta as map viewer app. Search the Google PlayStore for the apps.

If you want to view the maps at your PC (Linux, OS X, Windows) you can use Atlas (navigation application):

Here are the links to the test maps (only valid within the next weeks):

This theme is required in order to view the maps correctly (important):


You are right … here a more meaningful screenshot from the north caucasus region:


PS: Your link doesn’t work or the server isn’t available.

^This text should be added to your site :slight_smile:

Ok, another question. Do you need a feedback:

  • about tags which are widely used in Russia but not displayed in your app
  • or how to display usual tags more similar to Russian topographic tradition?

can you make rivers and streams to be more intensive dark blue color?

The properly working link is http://www.karjalankartat.fi
firefox transparently adds the missing ‘www.’ to your URLs
if the direct link fails, so i had a (wrong) impression that all
browsers work this way.

That would be great.

The look and feel of the map is defined by the theme. That means it’s possible to emulate the style of a russian topographic map. If someone has the time to create such a theme …

There is an alternative theme with more bright colors (and more contrast) available: http://download.freizeitkarte-osm.de/test/android-1411/fzk-outdoor-contrast.zip


We have publish release 14.12 of the Freizeitkarte maps including the european part of russia.
The Freizeitkarte maps (edition 14.12) are based on OpenStreetMap data from 2014/12/07.
Thanks to all the mappers for their contribution to the OSM project.

Change log for release 14.12:

  • general improvement of the map data (by the OSM project)
  • maps for all european countries and regions
  • all countries as plus maps (border plus 30-50 km)
  • improved support for the Android app OruxMaps

Next release:
The next release is planned for mid of February 2015.

Rome - the eternal city (click on a picture enlarges):
The Palatine Hill, one of the 7 hills of Rome, was inhabited 3000 years ago.
And even before the Nativity Rome had grown to a city of millions.

We wish you lots of fun with the Freizeitkarte map … and many interesting trips.

Regards Christian, Klaus, Patrik

PS: Your feed back (especially for the russian maps) is welcome.