English Names

Hi all,

We’ve discussed the importance of name:en in several threads already.

I’d like to have one place that would have a list of English names, so we could all follow the standard.
Maybe this should be in the wiki eventually, but I guess we can start here.

Please add freely.

name(:he), name:en, reference
הרצל, Herzl, wikipedia
סוקולוב, Sokolow, wikipedia
ויצמן, Weizmann, wikipedia
ורבורג, Warburg, wikipedia

The same problem applies to the Hebrew names:

I’m referring to the Hebrew standard as well.
It should be ויצמן,

and it should be:
שינקין, Sheinkin, Wikipedia

If we decide on standard naming, and all named ways follow it,
then it should be pretty easy to change it in the future, or to add name:he:ktiv-male to all ways with the same name tag.

It should be fairly easy to write a script to check and possibly modify the data, given a text file with the canonical and incorrect spellings.