Engaging with hot_tech at SOTM & FOSS4G: what do you want to know more about?

1 week until HOT unSummit tech session at FOSS4G on 22 August.

The Humanitarian Open Street Map Tech Team - hot_tech will be running a session as part of the HOT unSummit at FOSS4G. If you are attending, please register and join us there. We would love to connect with you!

We wanted to start a conversation here ahead of our session to hear from you! Loved seeing a similar idea on engaging ahead of SOTM @Heather_Leson :slight_smile:

What are three (3) things you like to get out of this session?

We want to use your input to ensure that we speak about topic of your interest and also ensure that we can keep the conversation (including those who might not have had the chance to participate) after the session!

Look forward to meeting some of you in person! If you are interested what other session the hot_tech team is involved in at SOTM and FOSS4G, take a look at our latest blog.

@hotosm_tech please Iā€™m interested in climate change and climate resilience mapping, are there any hotosm tools I can use to map urban heat island? I look forward to your presentation tomorrow.

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