encoded polyline


I would like to move from gmaps to openstreetmap. But I have lots of long tracks which I display as encoded polylines in gmaps.
Does openstreetmap have something similar?


Maybe this comes near your aims?


If not, why?

Your request is unclear because “gmaps” could mean the Gmaps API (the software provided by google to display online maps) or the Google’s Maps which are the underlying maps (image tiles of 256x256)

If you want to replace maps of google by those of openstreetmap, you don’t need to change many things, just use something like this :
In your allready existing software, so that you (or your users) can choose which maps to display in background.

However, if you want to change from the Gmaps API, then there is almost nothing openstreetmap can do for you, and you’d better look for OpenLayers instead.

To sum it up, both openlayers and the Gmaps API can display Google’s maps and/or openstreetmap’s maps.