Enable Poll notifications

Lately, I’ve increasingly relied on polls to swiftly gather feedback on tagging questions.

Unlike regular replies, votes don’t prompt notifications (app/email). By default, these polls don’t have a set closing time, which means the only method for me to track community consensus is to manually open them.

Ideally, each vote should generate a new notification (app/email) for the original poll creator, similar to how replies work.

Why would anyone want to have a notification for each vote by default?
Is this implemented already? Discussions over the years seem dead.

As above, not a good idea IMO, imagine getting bombarded with emails for each one on a popular topic vote. If at all, a daily digest but.

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A daily digest may be the perfect solution. e.g.

“Your topic XXXXXXXXXXX received today 5 new replies and 10 new votes. Visit Topic

Or even better it could be a daily summary of all activities in a table form.

"Here’s a summary of all activities on topics you created or follow:

Topic Role New Replies New Votes
Topic AXXXXXXXX Creator 4 - Visit Topic
Topic BXXXXXXXX Follower 1 5 Visit Topic
Topic CXXXXXXXX Follower 0 1 Visit Topic