Empty bycicle tag on trails

There are list of trails near Eilat with empty bicycle tag, like http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/160031969.
Question for people familiar with the area: Should the tag be removed or set to something like bicycle=yes or equivalent?

Since all ways are tagged as “path”, which allows bicycle access by default, the bicycle tag is irrelevant. IMO it should be removed.

By the way, the original changesets also had empty bicycle tags on nodes. These tags were removed throughout the years.

In practice, the various cycle maps render bicycle=yes paths differently. When I see a path which does not specify bicycle access I know to expect the unexpected. It would be better to ask the original tagger or consult the Strava heat-map to see if these paths are indeed ridden. If someone made a conscious effort to tag these paths as ridable it would be a shame to delete them.

@valleyofdawn Are there many ways tagged highway=path bicycle=(absent) that aren’t usable by cyclists? Those would be tagging errors.

Just responding to the original post. I have not I encountered others. Perhaps someone can run an Averpass Turob query.