emergency shelters data from social services

The national agency for social services are interested in providing their data in an ODBL-compatible license for mapping. The data still needs serious laundering but we’re helping out to make sure that they’re added via micro-tasking individually, for validation, and not imported wholesale.

Among the important attributes we found are place names and address information. Many of the locations of the facilities they use are not yet searchable through nominatim and I’m wondering which tag is more appropriate: is_in or the addr tags. The former option’s wiki page states The is_in tag is used to index where a place or feature is. but I’d like to hear your insights.

I’m sure that both tags could be used, but I don’t want to be redundant where it’s avoidable.

For example, are:

is_in:village = * 
is_in:town = *
is_in:province = *

any better than:

addr:village = * 
addr:town = *
addr:province = *

Please note that a significant majority the villages in the area of interest don’t have well-developed, or more likely, missing boundary polygons. Looking forward to your inputs.

So, apart from adding these POIs into the map, how can these other attributes (if tagged properly) contribute to a better OSM map of the area of interest?


As you can see from the date on the previous posts, this forum is not used a lot. I think it is better to use the mailing list https://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/hot

And stating the relevant country might be a good idea too …