Embedding Pictures and Photos

Hi everybody,

I’m a 21-year old student from Germany, and being new to the OSM projekt (and already loving it :D) , I would like to add some single nodes to the map. Those should stand for university buildings. Is it possible to embed a picture of the place, so e.g. when you scroll over you can see it? Think I read something about using Flickr for this but I can’t find this anymore!

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like this: Icons on Openstreetmap?

Well thanks for that but I’m more looking for something like a build-in function for JOSM, like a tag for a hyperlink or something. So that you can click on an object and get directed to an external url. I tried the tags “url”, “info_url” and “website” , but they don’t seem to work. Is there even a possibility to insert a hyperlink for an objekt in OSM - or am I wasting time?


If you want to click on the web map, then you need to make your own Openstreetmap map (pretty easy actually). Openstreetmap doesn’t support this, even if it might be a semi-interesting idea.

If you want to use JOSM to get to a webpage, then I’m not sure how you should do it. But the German forum is very active and they might know.