Embedded tram tracks

First of all, since I am new here, hello to everybody.
Second of all, here: http://www.openstreetmap.org/edit?editor=potlatch2&lat=44.305958&lon=23.833959&zoom=18 I have a little issue, that isn’t clearly defined in the wiki. The street(Bulevardul Decebal, 4 lanes + 2 tram lines) is divided into 2 carriageways by the 2 tram lines. However, it is possible to cross them by car(e.g. make a U-Turn), because the train tracks are “embedded” in the asphalt, and there is no kerb present. In this situation, what should be done? Should I split the roadway into 2 lanes with oneway traffic, because the street is pretty large? Should I overlap the road and tram tracks, using the same nodes for both? At the moment what I have is a temporary solution, so please don’t pick on me :slight_smile:

Best regards,