Edits not rendered on map

Could someone please have a look in JOSM at this bit of map that I’ve drawn:


I’ve put in some dual carriageway that I drove down a couple of days ago. I know why I don’t see it on Mapnik - maybe it will appear after the Wednesday re-render. But I’m not seeing it in informationfreeway either. I understand about requesting tiles, and I did that yesterday.

The difficulty in seeing the results of my work is really baffling me. Do the different rendering options work from the same source data? Mapnik and Osmarender seem to be based on different data.

I think I’d understand things better if I could run Mapnik myself. Can I install mapnik then collect a chunk of the data in OSM and render it locally?

Stuart … still keen but after a month still really struggling to understand.

The only way to have InformationFreeway.org to show your edits it to request a rerender. Now, because the server is so busy it may not be able to process your request properly. So when an edit isn’t showing up quickly enough, I request another render.

Yes, informationfreeway and the mapnik maps use the same data set. The difference is that mapnik uses a weekly dump from the database while informationfreeway (Tiles@Home) uses the database directly. The sheer amount of data available and the rapid incline in users is causing hickups here and there. Just be patient, better servers and software are underway.

Of course you can do your own rendering, all the software is in the SVN repository and much of the HOWTO stuff is in the wiki.

On the mapnik wiki page it says how, and links to the things you need to do to get mapnik running yourself, but its pretty hardcore.

Your edits seem fine, and part of the edits show up on osmarender. I think it may be to do with tiles failing to be rendered wich would be todo with t@h rather than osm. I made a few doesen requests a few days ago and only about a 1/3 got rendered. It is a little frustrating, but It’s all being worked on by people who know how to fix it.

For the roundabout it should be highway=primary still as well as being a roundabout, as roundabouts are a road layout rather than a road status. I’ve added that tag. I’ve requested the tiles also.

Thankyou both,

Some of my stuff has come up on Mapnik now, and I can see the things that are missing are missing 'cos I haven’t put in all the tags that are needed.

When I edit using JOSM, it seems irritatingly easy to inadvertently tag a segment with data thats meant to be applied to a way. So for example a roundabout accidentally included a segment of primary_link. When that happens, I can’t work how to detach the tag from the primary link except by deleting the segment then re-drawing it. Is there a better way?

And sometimes I see segments or ways that are shown in green on JOSM. What does green mean?


Some basics: Nodes (red dot’s) and segments (green lines) are the basic elements. Ways (blue lines) are created using the elements, and it is the ways to which you add all tags. Tags added to segments are now considered erroneous and should be removed (however, back in the day it was allowed).

When you want to remove a wrong segment from a way you split that way at the node that sits between the good and bad portion of the way. If this went ok, you should have two ways instead of only one. Now you can change tags that were inadvertently added to the wrong segment or add it to another way or whatever needs to be done with it.