Edits not appearing

I am new, and puzzled as to why some edits do not appear when switching to normal view and yet are visible on the edit screen.

I have made 5 or 6 changes in my local area. Two appeared immediately and the rest have yet to appear about three days later, even though one of them (a road name correction) is almost identical to one of those which did appear immediately.

Can one of the experts give me a clue as to whether I might have done something wrong, or is this typical and they will appear after some indeterminate period?


It sometimes depends what kind of edit you performed. A movement of a node or way will force most renderers to regenerate the correspondiung tiles (images). If you just changed a tag/value mapnik won’t start a new render process and your changes won’t show up until the next regular update (weekly latest AFAIR) will be performed.

Thank you. That is understood. Although I had looked in FAQ, I had not seen that one.