Edits from 4 days ago gone?

A few days ago I uploaded a trace.
Then I traced my trace and saved the edit.
Today, I see no history or status of what I did the other day?

Where can I go to understand what happens after one submits edits, and where to follow the status of the edit?

Is it this GPS trace?

In that case, I see no recent edit on your user history, nor any recent edits in the location of the GPS trace.

Saved edits are published immediately as a changeset, and will stay in your history even if the data is later changed or completely reverted. Only in extreme cases, like removing data illicitly copied from copyrighted source, is history “redacted”, but that can’t be the case here since this is just normal surveying.

The only reason I can think of is that you did not save the edit. Which editor did you use?