Edits based on map feedback - New Zealand

Hi New Zealand OSM community,

TomTom is planning to conduct edits in New Zealand based on feedback submitted for our upcoming new TomTom map that is also valid for OSM. We will only perform edits if they add value to OSM, do not conflict with recent updates made by the community, and are supported by a local source. In the absence of credible source material, we will ask the community for guidance.

We will start by editing the following types of features: highways, addresses, POIs, land use, buildings, Railways, Ferry lines and water. For further details about the types of edits we will make, you can take a look at our GitHub page for New Zealand (> section ‘Edits based on map feedback’) or at our wiki page. Over time, we may expand to other features and will inform the community when this happens.

Along with the # tomtom hashtag that accompanies every TomTom edit in OSM, changesets based on map feedback will also receive the hashtag #tt_mapfeedback. This allows you to follow the updates we’re making during this activity.In two weeks, we plan to start with a limited number of edits in New Zealand. These edits will fix issues representative of the feedback we will receive when we launch our new map. Later we will continue with incidental edits spread over time.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. As we progress, we will of course take into account any feedback we receive from you about this activity.

Have a great week!

Salim A. Baidoun / Community & Partnerships - Global / Community Engagement


sounds good

Yeah, sorry about this. I added a new-zealand tag to this topic and the system bumped it to the top of the latest list.