Editing roads and sidewalks that either don't exist or are in places they don't belong

I’m having trouble figuring out how to adjust or edit the existing layout of some roads and sidewalks some places the roads are split into two where there is only one road divided by a jersey barrier that does not accurately reflect the layout or path of said roadway for being able to accurately indicate or adjust the location of sidewalks that either are not there Pathways that are not there or are reflected in a way that could be dangerously confusing in some instances. In this particular case I will speak of is roundabouts near where I live some of them show Pathways that are not necessarily indicated as foot paths but more like a secondary vehicle path where it should be a sidewalk if it was going to be Illustrated but nevertheless it’s indicated as a lane of traffic and in the same immediate area some of the sidewalks or footpaths are Illustrated as being a great distance away from the road Edge where it is not which could also be confusing and potentially dangerous due to the traffic volume in this area if you would like to see what I’m talking about look at the roundabouts off of exit 16 I-5 North Le Center Washington the roundabouts and some of the footpaths are Illustrated quite poorly some of which indicate that there are a split and two lanes that approach and depart from the roundabouts where there is only one in the split happens at the roundabout there’s no divide in the actual Lanes other than Road markings but the map clearly shows that there is a significant distance that the road is completely split away from the roundabouts and the entrances and off ramps that are Illustrated show that there are significant diversions in the roadway for these off ramps or footpaths that travel near them the on-ramps are not separated from the main roundabout traffic it is merely a branch off of the roundabout such as any other but it shows that there is a separate and quite significantly separated roadway for some of these things as well as footpaths being indicated to be a significant distance from the road path which is a great misconception when you look at it in person take a look at what I am speaking about and please let me know if I’m overthinking it or if these things should be taken care of if you bring up Google Maps and use the satellite image to compare you’ll see what I’m saying nevertheless in other instances I am still in need of a bit of schooling as to how to make the map adjustments to better reflect the way the actual Street looks thank you and happy mapping.

Well I suffer from a mental health condition that f****** makes it hard for me to translate the things that I’m thinking into a format the inconsiderate people might understand it’s not that I’m stupid or incapable it’s that my mind doesn’t allow me the patients to deal with such things so I use auto type because if I try and type it out by hand by the time I get done with one sentence I’m already five paragraphs up the road so if you could for the love of all things holy edit it yourself because I’ve only got one way that I can do it and unfortunately auto text isn’t very considered of my condition either Have a great day and happy

I made some corrections on the west side of the roundabout on Cowlitz Way. I see other areas that need improvement. Let me know if this is what you were writing about.