Editing Points for "office" or something else

Hey all,

I am a begginer in openstreetmaps.com and I am trying to add Points of some helpful bussines offices but unfortunately they don`t show on the map after my editing.

Please help me, if you can :slight_smile:

P.S. This is for the Bulgarian map

Not all points you add to the map show up on the regular map, you need special tools to see them.
One of those tools is openpoimap which I wrote to help me in finding all the different points of interest on OSM.

To see the offices you added, go to the area you have been working on (search by name or draw rectangle around the area) and go to the various tab and select office.

Here you see some offices in Sofia.

In particular, the only sorts of office that appear on the standard Mapnik layer are those that the public are likely to visit on a regular basis, like estate agents.

Doing otherwise, would produce an extremely cluttered map if all offices were mapped, rather than just those put there as vanity mapping