Editing French addresses

I have a (beginners) question.

In France, the address of a building is oftentimes linked top a nearby hameau / hamlet.
As an example this “les Mousses”


I’m trying to add some addresses, but I’m not sure I’m doing this correctly TBH as they don’t seem to show up.
This building is supposed to be
9, les Mousses, Le Val d’Ajol.

I added an address to the building, is that the correct way to do this?
Or should I some how make a connection between the building and the hamlet?

The address does not seem to show up in search…

Hi and welcome to OSM and the forum

First: Please do not use the URL with “…edit…” because it will launch OSM in edit-mode. Use a direct link to the object, like https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/5863763427 .

From what I learnd in school (some decades ago :confused: ) French addresses (normaly) are like German addresses: street, streetnumber, zip-code, city-name (only in different orders). If this schema doesn’t fit there are multiple addr:* tags you might find usefull (e.g. addr:hamlet). Also if nothing fits there is the addr:full tag.

In my opinion the current tagging addr:street=Les Mousse is wrong.

[edit:]Additional question: Why is node 5863763427 member of https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/8420023 ?