Editing/deleting of AND import data


I am an active member of openstreetmap and frequently doing mapping in the border area between Germany and Netherlands.
I do not see any reason to stop GPS tracking when I cross the border, especially since most of the existing maps simply end at the border and there are a lot of “undocumented” paths between both countries (which I very much appreciate). Now I often have the conflict that I find mismatching data imported from AND. Adding missing things is no problem, but I often disagree, e.g. on the road types. There is also a large number of nodes with import numbers, also along roads, or copyright marks. Is there still a meaning behind those import number/ node numbers or can I clean that up and delete them?
So far I always respected them and did no delete anything, which is strange, since e.g. now some road types change from unpaved track to tertiary highway at the border (looks very strange on the map).

Is there any common practise how to handle this?

BR Team_Alpha

During the AND import several things have gone wrong, way types for the lowest level ways among other things. You are very welcome to improve any mapping ofcourse, however I would leave the AND specific tags alone. There are still things from the AND dataset that have to be imported (postcodes and housenumbers) which rely on those tags.

So please correct any tagging errors but leave the AND specific tags as they are.

In that regard I have still one question:
How to ommit AND tags when importing with say; osmosis?
No Use of importing data that has no use in maps for GPS-units. :roll_eyes:
In case of RTFM, this is for reference, and I’m a noob with (osm)osis :wink:



What type of GPS are we talking about?

I case of Garmin, mkgmap (the OpenStreetMap converter for Garmin GPS devices) will automatically strip the data from tags which are not useful.

Osmosis does not have negative filters for filtering out certain tags, it only has positive filters. So you will have to write your own pre- or post-processor to strip the unwanted data if you need to.