Editing data on self-hosted tile server

I was wondering how I can edit the data I have imported on a tile server I built using switch2osm. I know you can use the API, which I can implement using openstreetmap-website, but I don’t know how I can connect these two together so that my edits would appear on the map. Can anyone please help me with this? Thanks.

There’s no easy way to edit the data that you have already imported, but there are a couple of options:

  1. Create some new data in a .osm file and append it your database using osm2pgsql. Here is a line in a script that does that.

  2. Create an “osmchange file” that makes the changes that you want and play that through the one of the replication options such as pyosmium.

Either of those two options would be significantly easier than setting up the Rails Port and the OSM API.

However, “editing the data in a rendering database” is a bit of an odd request, so depending on what you actually want to do there may be some much easier solution (overlaying tiles, or overlaying data via Leaflet, or similar).

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