Edited local tracks not visible at certain zoom levels

I am a bushwalker and I have found that a few of our local trails are mapped incorrectly in OSM. I decided to correct a couple of them, so I logged into OSM and went into edit mode. I then corrected the trails in question ok, and then saved the changes.

I can see the changes I made but they only appear at certain zoom levels. At some zoom levels both the old (incorrect) trail appears as does my alteration. At some zoom levels, only the old trail appears.

I am just using the editor on the OSM website. Is there some setting I need to check to make sure the alteration is visible at all zoom settings?

This is normal, don’t worry. It takes a while for the OSM Default map to catch up at all zoom levels, from minutes to weeks at lower zoom levels. Other maps take even longer, but eventually they do all catch up.

You can confirm that your changes are indeed in place, by expanding the right panel and clicking Map Data.

Cheers, and thanks for improving the trail data,

Thank you - good news!

Perhaps this is a similar issue. The other problem I am finding is that my route plotting software (Plotaroute.com website) sees the new trail ok - but it will not use it when generating a route. It still uses the old route - even though it is not displayed on the screen. I guess it could be using a different (non visible) zoom level or something, and that has not been generated yet.

Thanks for your quick reply.

I’m not familiar with that software, but its updates would be on some sort of delay too. (I don’t think any maps or apps are instantaneous.) It might well have already updated the visible map data, but not yet the route data, from the main OSM database. (The app I use is the other way around, routing data at most about a week old, maps updated somewhat more slowly.)

Glad to help. Cheers. :slight_smile:

PS, http://brouter.de/brouter-web is a great effort-sensitive router that updates its data fairly quickly. It’s great for checking that you haven’t accidentally messed something up, like forgetting to connect trails at junctions.

Osmand (in its commercial “Plus” version) has an ability to update its maps within hours after editing.