edit changes dont show


I have edited to show an entrance to a highway to be one-way. This is not showing up on the standard layer of the map.

What am i doing wrong, or how long does it take to show up/


It is oneway=yes, that’s correct. But why access=no?

There’s a detailed answer about this here:


On http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/9.99635/-84.26891, exiting westbound Autopisto Bernardo Soto onto southbound Radial Coyol, it is routing me down the east bound “entrance” of Autopisto Bernardo Soto. Not good.

Also, I’m using the Mapfactor Navigator android app. They rarely import the whole of Costa Rica map. They say it is updated once a month, but that is not the case.
Is there anyway for me to EXPORT the Costa Rica map so i can manually replace it for the Navigotor app?

Also on the rendered map, why don’t the one-way arrows show on the entrance to eastbound Autopisto Bernardo Soto?


Here is the problem: Why does this route show routing down a one-way street?

The data that the routing engine uses is not updated as fast as the rendering on OSM. When you look at the website of osrm, you’ll see that the oneways are not propagated there yet.