Edinburgh buildings fragmentation

Edinburgh is very well mapped, however I’m not sure about the buildings…
Is there a reason that conservatories & porches etc are mapped as a whole separate building? Does the Edinburgh community do this deliberately? Or is it something we should work on fixing (converting to building:part). It seems to be the case for a majority of buildings.

Perhaps if you explained what it was you’re “not sure about” then people might be able to comment…

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Do you mean the extensions that have been drawn as separate buildings? I doubt anyone would object if you wanted to change them and the outline of the original houses to building:part and add an outline for the whole building.

If you mean terraced houses and semis being mapped as separate buildings I think that’s standard isn’t it?

If you’re in Edinburgh, you’re welcome to join the monthly pub meetup, you could ask there.

Also if you leave a note, more local mappers will see it than on here

Sorry, I thought it was clear enough from the title, I mean the way the conservatories & porches etc are mapped as separate buildings attached to the main building, instead of using building:part.

i’m just trying to understand if there’s an actual reason it was done this way.