EB Dirigo Beta Release - Android Navigation with OSM


EB brings OSM to the street with EB Dirigo, an OSM-based navigation for Android.

As an independent automotive software company that works for a variety of global automakers and suppliers, EB has been using open source standards and initiatives for many years. As such, we are also engaged in the OSM community. Recently at the SOTM2014 in Argentina and the FOSSGIS 2015 Münster, we announced that we want to bring OSM into the car. Now as a first step - we invite you all to beta test our new app, EB Dirigo!

EB Dirigo is based on our core navigation solution, which is used in a range of cars. The app uses OSM maps for navigation. A web portal (www.ebdirigo.com) provides you access to routes, notes and voice messages, recorded by you during your journeys. If you turn on the traffic sign recognition in the app, you can even capture speed limits while driving and then later add or update them on the map. This feature is currently only available for traffic signs in Germany and Romania – other countries will be supported at a later date. You can also use a JOSM connection to improve the maps steadily, so that driving with OSM is always convenient and fast. The maps of Europe are conveniently included for offline use.

**Please understand, that this is a beta release, so there are still bugs! **However, we hope to offer a first official version of the app with your help by summer. For this, we absolutely need your feedback - because only with the help of the OSM community here will we be able to introduce version 1.0. So if you want to experiment and feel like supporting us, you’re sincerely welcome!

How can you get the app?
If you have a full HD Android smartphone - just sign up in the Google beta test group ( https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/elektrobit-ebdirigo-beta-testgroup) with your Gmail address and then confirm the auto-response email. In the group you can download the app.

More details (FAQ, known issues, …) around the app can be found in the Google beta test group and we try to communicate here in the forum as well.

Best regards,

Thomas Fleischmann

Hi Thomas,

welcome to our Forum. I have seen Nicole Bergers presentation on Fossgis 2015 with interest and happy to hear, that your project makes progress.

Just for convenience i add a link to the Fossgis Video:


Hi Tom,

since that workshop at your company in January I’m very interested to test your new app. But unfortunataly you limit the possible circle of people with the postulated solution of a ful HD smartphone. I just own a Galaxy S4 mini and so I’m one of the unlucky outsiders.

Is there a chance to get it for 960 x 540 px anytime?

Regards Michael

Hi Michael,
there is - additional resolutions are planned for sure.
The required gfx and icon work for lower resolutions is already done.
Implementation will follow soon after bit more stabilization.
I would let you know and post info here as soon as we are getting close.


Hi Christoph,
thanks for posting Nicoles video!
Being on FOSSGIS was really great!