Easy way to share node?


I sometimes need to show part of a street.

At this point, I know of two ways:

Is there an easier way where I could simply view an OSM map, and click where a street starts and ends to get a URL?

Thank you.

I’m not sure whether this will help, but you can “share” the osm.org page with a marker.
Go to osm.orm click the sixth icon from the top: “Share”
In the popup panel, check “Include marker”, a blue pin appears that you can move around. After positioning it, you can copy the link in the popup dialog.

If you need more complex things, you could try http://umap.openstreetmap.fr/

In the map, you can see the data if you activate the “Map data” option.
(But it’s for all the way, not for “part of a street”.)

Thanks but none of those do what I’d like:

  1. The marker when sharing in OSM only points to a location, while I need to highlight a whole segment of a street so the reader clearly sees where it starts/ends
  2. Umap isn’t bad, but it doesn’t draw a route by clicking a start/end and drawing a route by following the street: I must draw carefully so it actually follows the road
  3. OSM > Map Data: Indeed, I need to show only part of a street, so I don’t have to spend time explaining where the part I mean starts/ends.

Too bad. Thank you.

There is another online map creation service - http://share.mapbbcode.org/ but it does not let you to “snap” on existing nodes too.