Easy/quick way to add street numbers

Searched and can’t find anything really relevant…
Looking to add mainly house numbers (particularly/at the moment), in my local area, and have done some “the long way” - add the building and relevant info, but…
Is there a quick way to just add Street Numbers to the lots, so I can do a reasonable amount…?

While IMHO it is preferable to add buildings first, there is nothing “wrong” about adding naked address nodes. For many years before OSM had access to high resolution aerial imagery this was -the- way to add addresses and from a functionality pov address nodes work just fine.

PS: the 1st thing many data consumers do is throw away building outlines.

If you know a range, you can make use of address interpolation.

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Android, iPhone or paper and pen?

For Android I used to use a custom version of KeyPadMapper which I stripped out the privacy violating tracking. You can see a tutorial I made when using that at https://spectra.video/w/8dnGbVAVVUTzPyNhk99hXG

For iPhone the best app for me is GoMap and for that it really helps to have the building outlines in first so I add them from aerial imagery before doing my walking survey of the area.

For using a pen and paper, the “walking papers” method works. For me it really helps to have the building outlines first so I’ll add them from aerial imagery first too.

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Ideally, they should also at least have the street name. In the past, I often used field papers to document the addesses.

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