Dynamic rendering and exchange of data with own database

I’m requesting your help because I’m new to OSM and I don’t understand how some things work and how to achieve them. My aim is to create a webapp where a custom map displays some data which is stored in a database in my server.

What I try to do is creating a custom map with only some elements: ways and food elements. But how can I achieve this ? Do I need to use plugins or things like that ? The map has to be rendered each time the webapp is started to take last modifications in account.

Another thing that I want to implement on this map is a loading of data in the map. For exemple, I have some restaurants with their address and rate in the database, and I just want the map to access the data and displays the notes on the map.

I’m really feeling lost about these features.

Thanks a lot and have a good evening !

Do you have something in mind like https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/UMap ?