Duplicated tagdetect duplicated tag using mapcss

I would like to check the key “ref:minvskaddress” using the validator, because it happens that duplicates of this key are created… could anyone help how to create such a mapcss, so that when running the validator it catches this duplication? since a similar principle works for addresses, it could work here too…it would look for a duplicated value of a given key higher up…I can’t find what code is used for duplication of addresses

Welcome, question about josm I guess.

I think this is not done via mapcss as mapcss is acting on a single object so it can not do this compare. The code should be relatively easy to find if you have the exact text of the “address error”

A grep through the josm sources gives:

239:      .message(tr("Duplicate house numbers"), marktr("''{0}'' ({1}m)"), simplifiedAddress, (int) distance)
335:    .message(tr("Duplicate house numbers"), marktr("House number ''{0}'' duplicated"), entry.getKey())

See Addresses.java in josm/trunk/src/org/openstreetmap/josm/data/validation/tests – JOSM

An alternative is to use Overpass:

yes, the question is about josm…

when the address is duplicated, it prints the text: Duplicate house numbers

this test should be performed by this item