Duplicate villages/cities

I noticed that some villages and cities have duplicates, at least that what I see in GNOME maps:

Is it on purpose or should I remove one of them?

I’ve warned about this some time ago. This is usually due to the bad convention of adding names to residential areas in addition to the place tags. I think all places of the MOIN import are tagged like that.

original: https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=58016

So if I want to try and fix it (probably manually :frowning: ) what should I remove/change?

Let me study the details and see what needs fixing, and if I can automate this.

I think the “name” tag should be removed from landuse=residential polygon whenever there’s already a “place” polygon with the same name. Does anyone have any problems with that?

To make matters worse, sometimes the two English place names are different: Zefat & Safed, Beer Sheva & Be’er Sheva.
Also sometimes it’s a phonetic transliteration and sometimes the conventional English biblical name.