Duplicate Building and Node

If you navigate to node 1941537172 on the map, you will see nearby there is a building with the same name. On that same block there is also another building with a similar name: “Hilton San Francisco Tower”.

I didn’t realize this until after I submitted an edit to add more data to the hotel. It seems like it would be a good idea to merge some of this data but I’m not quite sure how to do that in the OSM editor.

Any ideas on how to proceed here?

Is hotel using entire building or just part of it?

In case that entire building is a hotel:

select node and area, look for potential differences
select node, copy it (ctrl+c), select area, paste tags (ctrl + shift + v) [this will overwrite present tags], delete node

In iD (default in-browser editor):
scroll down to “all tags” section, switch display to text, cut text describing tags and delete now empty node.

Now select hotel mapped as an area, paste text describing tags and look for a potential conflicts.