Dual Brand Hotels

Sometimes we encounter facilities that comprise a dual brand hotel. In this concept hotel amenities such as fitness center, pool, restaurant, lounges, elevators, and even check-in are shared, while rooms may differ depending on the brand.

Conceptually it seems right to map as a single hotel (since operationally that’s how it is) but I’m not sure how to accommodate the multiple brands. Is there a relation that could be used for this?

You can use ; which is a separator for multiple values. E.g.: brand=MyHotel;Mega Hotels.

@Ferrocarriles_de_México’s answer is a good one in general. That said, if the rooms are generally separated into different wings or floors of the building, rather than mixed together, I would probably map it as two separate points inside the building area.

By analogy, many schools where I map share a building: the gym, cafeteria, library, and nurse’s office are shared but the classrooms aren’t mixed together. Perhaps a micromapped approach would be to even map these schools as areas corresponding to the wings.