Driving School Course

How would you tag roads that are for driving school use only. I.e., the school created the roads for the specific purpose of driver training.

Example: James Rumsey Technical Institute near Hedgesville, WV on Cumbo Road.

highway=unclassified plus access=private plus enclose area with landuse=commercial or retail plus suitable tags for the business attached to the main building or a poi or the block of land they occupy.

operator=James Rumsey Technical Institute

There probably isn’t an existing sub-category of service for driving practice.


Also, https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/15502405 doesn’t look to be residential, from the Bing imagery (lots of grass, but no houses). I suspect it is an access=customers service road for the school.

Also, does Berkeley Council have a public domain policy for documents that it publishes, as one of their documents is quoted as a source for recent changes, which wouldn’t be allowed in many parts of the USA and most of the rest of the world.

I don’t agree with unclassified. That is for roads that connect settlements, but are too minor for other categories. (It mainly derives from UK usage, where there are official government A, B and C categories, for primary through tertiary, and unclassified is used for roads that are carrying through traffic that don’t fall into one of those.)

Basically, unclassified is something that a router should pick in preference to residential or service roads.

Driving schools are funny in that they are typically considered businesses, in the UK, rather than schools, whereas privately funded schools aren’t considered businesses (they are generally charities). I would say that the whole campus should be an area with amenity=college (I’m assuming it is for people generally over 18), and the practice area should only be treated as commercial if there is, in effect, a concession to a private driving school. If the school is managed as part of the overall college, I would tend to consider to part of the amenity.

Yes, highway=unclassified is wrong. highway=service is suitable.

There’s also a related help question here: https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/61434/how-to-tag-traffic-park .

This is one of the sentences in the description of the link to the maps: “The Geographic Information System (GIS) data provided by this web site is a public resource of general information.”

That doesn’t establish a licence to use it for OSM.