Drinking Water Fountains, Public Washrooms

I’m new to OpenStreetMap, and love the idea already.

I was trying to add water fountain locations to the map, but couldn’t find any in the legends in Potlatch.
Can we add water fountains, and if so, how?

If not, I’d like to suggest two new icons, one for drinking water fountains, and another for public washrooms.

I don’t think Potlatch has presets for this features. Nevertheless you can always add tags to a node / way by pressing “+” or clicking on the “+”-Icon

Here are some tags for drinking water and fountains.

A tag for public washrooms, showers ot bath I don’t know.

But at the same time you should know that amenity=fountain is not rendered in OSM (don’t know if amenity=drinking_water is the same case but I guess so). You may put it in, but you won’t see it in the maps at any zoom.

They are:
Mapnik is not the only renderer for OSM-Data! :wink:

Thanks! Precisely what I was looking for. And I’ll soon start populating the map with drinking-water points.
I hate carrying a water bottle with me on jogs, and instead rely on known drinking-water spots to get hydrated.

Oops :slight_smile: Yes, I should specify I was talking about Mapnik which is still my favourite. Only lacks some details… :frowning: