Drinking fountain with dog drinking water bowl

There’s a drinking fountain at my local park that has a built in lower fountain for dogs. Is there a specific sub tag for this? I was thinking dog=yes on the node for the drinking water? Here’s the object.

There’s amenity=watering_place, that is meant for places intended for animals to drink. I’m not sure if we have an established practice for combined features like the one you show though, the amenity tag would be in conflict with the one for humans.

Maybe map as two nodes?

What if a cat drinks from it? Or a bird?

Please add all species who can drink from it.

(A new tag is probably required. watering_place=yes?)

Most drinkwater taps here just have the water drop into a bowl below the tap, so tag dog=yes, only seen a (brand new) once in Pretoro in stainless steel with second lower tap on backside with bowl. Here’s the whole tag shabang


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