Draw a track with an online tool - no routing


I am looking for an online tool to draw a track (on desktop computer).

Reason: Routing for water hikers is not practical at the moment.

The details lead to far. Keywords: drivable creeks, transfer points, free waters like lakes

Therefore I would like to improvise and draw a track completely manually.

I don’t want to use local software - also because I want to show others (trip participants) how to do it easily.

Do you know an online tool for OSM maps, which allows to draw tracks without routing?

Thank you.



Ich suche eine Onlinetool zum Zeichnen eines Tracks (am Desktoprechner).

Grund: Routing für Wasserwanderer ist zur Zeit noch nicht praxistauglich.

Die Details führen zu weit. Stichworte: Fahrbare Bäche, Umtragestellen, freie Gewässer wie Seen

Daher möchte ich gerne improvisieren und eine Track komplett manuell zeichnen.

Lokale Software möchte ich nicht verwenden - auch weil ich anderen (Reiseteilnehmern) gerne zeigen möchte, wie’s einfach geht.

Kennt ihr ein Onlinetool für OSM-Karten, welches es erlaubt Tracks zu zeichnen ohne zu routen?


Try google for “create gpx route online” or “draw gpx route online”. I found several services but not sure if they will fit your needs.

Thanks for your advice.

Before I posted my question here, I tried some services I found with a google search. Without success.

So I’m hoping someone here is reading along who has already successfully tried a service themselves and can recommend it for the purpose.

“Draw” is obviously very atypical. Many services use it as a synonym for “routes”.

Anybody out there who can recommend a service? : )

I would really like to solve the task.


Locus Map (an Android app I’m very happy with) has a companion web planner, but I believe that part is a subscription feature. This example is a loop trip partly routed on trails, and partly un-routed across frozen lakes. Took under a minute to draw and click Share. :slight_smile:

Maybe the GPS Visualiser drawing tool is what you are looking for: https://www.gpsvisualizer.com/draw/

It does not have any kind of routing, it simply allows you to draw a track and/or waypoints freehand over a map background (there are a few OSM-based options to choose from). But it sounds like that may be all you require.