[Draft Stage Proposal] Types of road construction

I recently created a proposal for the types of road construction. The key should be used with highway=construction to specify the type of construction being completed. The new key is named construction_type and has 4 possible values:

  • build: A new road being built.
  • pave: An existing road being paved or repaved.
  • reconstruct: An existing road being reconstructed.
  • other: Another type of road construction.

For more info, please read the wiki page for the proposal.

I am requesting for any suggestions or comments related to the proposal!


I still do not really understand how this kind of data would be used.

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What is the boundary between pave and reconstruct: if existing road being repaved and one stop sign is being renewed — is it already reconstruct?

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I think it would be interesting to see some concrete use-cases for this. One use-case I quickly thought of was to approximate for how long the construction will be ongoing (building takes longer than paving etc.), but we already have tags for that (opening_date).

Regarding the proposed construction_type=pave especially; most re-paving jobs (at least here, in Sweden) are over within a timeframe of weeks to at worst months, which is commonly regarded as too short/temporary to be mapped in OSM.

If this key would be accepted; I also think it’d make sense to add a value to represent infrastructure work (when the road is torn up to work on underground infrastructure such as pipes).

@02JanDal I’ll remove paving, and infrastructure work is infrastructure, will add
@VShkaberda In the above entry it states that I will remove paving according to @02JanDal’s suggestion.
@Mateusz_Konieczny It is used to map what specific construction work is taking place on a highway/road.

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UPDATE: pave and other have been removed, and related_work and infrastructure have been added

yes, I understood that part. But how you would use this data? For what purpose?

build, pave and reconstruct could be useful for OHM. I’m not sure if it’s needed in OSM since it’s related to temporary events.

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To provide more clarity over the interpretation of highway=construction.

In which cases this extra clarity/info is useful or needed?

UPDATE: The proposal has been cancelled