Draft ODbL license text is now publicly available

OpenStreetMap is scheduling towards a new license for various reasons. A lot of work has been put in a new license of which a draft has now been made publicly available:


did anyone read the old license?

No, i did sign up to OSM without reading the license and I don’t mind the new license we’re going to use. I ‘go with the flow’ on this one. That doesn’t mean I’m not worried about the transition as there is talk about deleting data that has been added on top of other users data which do not agree to the license. This means some of my data could be removed… I’ve already asked questions about how this is going to work.


I wonder what is the current situation with the license? There seems to be long discussions (way too long to read) on the legal-talk, just as messy and flammable as they have always been. What’s the deal with contributor terms?

I wish there was a project to create a free map, such a map that could be just used without thinking some gigantic legal hassles and problems. Like stuff that nasa produces, public domain, just download and use. I would like to contribute to such a project.