Downloading Tiles txt and country txt

Hi, I know this sounds stupid but I don’t know how to add the folders marked tiles txt and country txt to my Garmin. The map files I can do but these just come up as script and I can’t see what to do.Also, or because of this, when I try to search a city or country on the Garmin it says “no results” even though I know they are on there. It can’t even find Paris. Will I need to re-load my chosen maps to resolve this issue.

Last thing…for now.Has anyone got experience of cycling through Thailand and Asia we are off in October for 2 years and wondered if anyone had any advice or must do’s. eg What paper maps did you use and what clothes did you end up wearing?

Where did you get those files from? They are not needed by your Garmin anyway so just ignore it.
On you can find maps for your Garmin *)

Your last question is off topic and should be asked on a travellers forum. If you are Dutch, is the place to be. :slight_smile:

*) I noticed there are some problems reported with failed maps from
Better wait and see until the problems are resolved.