Downloading maps with MOBAC


I found the Israel Hiking map to be more suitable for my needs
than other versions that I found online.

I have no idea how to add the Israeli version on my MOBAC program as a map source,
any idea ?

Help would be appreciated,

Save this code as an XML file in the “mapsources” folder of MOBAC

	<name>Israel Hiking map</name>

By the way, the map source is expected to be included with the next version of MOBAC.
It is already included with the latest version of OruxMaps

Cool, thanks Valley
I now need to understand how I download all the map of Israel to my garmin just as I do at (download EXE file that contain the img file and other additional files)

Oh by the way how do I download to Orux ?

Sorry for the late response.

As far as I know, there are no ready-to-download version of the Israel Hiking Map for Garmin.

The latest version for OruxMaps is always available at the Israel Hiking directory on Google Drive. You will need to copy the directory and the two files it contains into the OruxMaps/mapfiles directory on your Android device.

You can save it as a KMZ Garmin custom map from MOBAC.
This is good for limited areas only (size limitation).
For larger areas you’ll need to hack your Garmin and use a JNX custom map.
It’s complicated but you can Google it up.

The map definition above is outdated and may be discontinued in the future.

For up-to-date definitions, please look for the “Online” map sources on the Israel Hiking Map Github repository where you may find the MOBAC source definitions for the Hiking map and the Biking map in both Hebrew and English!