Downloading large areas

I am working on Open Sea Map and I need to download it for use on my GPS. In the past, I have downloaded the UK coastline and marine marks using This has become so slow and unreliable, it is just about useless. :frowning:

Is there a better way to download the full UK or other large areas?

For full countries, you should use Planet extracts. See
Geofabrik provide extracts for most countries/regions in Europe. See
They don’t seem to have an extract just for the UK, but there is extracts for “British Isles” or “Great Britain”, plus separate ones for Scotland/England/Wales etc.

Discovered this shortly after posting but thanks anyway. Now I just need to work out why osmosis encounters an error when I try to filter seamarks out of the Great Britain file. It works for just scotland so I probably just need to do it in smaller sections.