Downloading all highways in a large area - error

I need to download all highways as line features from OpenStreetMap in a large area (about 10.000km²). Therefore I wanted to use overpass-turbo with the following statement in the wizard:

in my chosen bounding box.

Unfortunately it looks like my bounding box is too big, because I get the error:

runtime error: Query run out of memory using about 2048 MB of RAM.

Do I have to change my overpass turbo query or is it not possible to download large datasets in overpass turbo?

Which alternative method could I use to download all highways as line features in a larger region. I need to have all attributes, like the type of the highway, “foot=yes/no/…”, "access=“yes/no/…”, etc. and if I use something like geofabrik, these attributes do not appear.

Any input?

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