Downloadable map with MRI layer

Dear all,
I am searching for a downloadable map for my garmin that has the MRI (map refuges info = MRI layer).
It is like this

But so far I was unable to find a downloadable version. Does it exist, please?

Thank you very much.

We use manual moderation for new users, so they don’t appear until one of the admins approve it, no need to worry about missing posts. I just removed your next post about the same thing.

If the author of (who if I’m not mistaken is a well-respected member of the French community) has also created a Garmin version, then the best way to find out is to ask them.

Maps for Garmin in .img file format are created from OpenStreetMap data in a different way from maps for the web, so if someone created a map showing the same sort of information, it’d be a different map. Lots of different people have created Garmin maps highlighted different sorts of OSM data, so it’s likely that there’ll be one with the information that you are looking for - have a look at . You can also make your own if you want.