download to SD card?

In very simple terms, can one download these maps to an SD card inserted into a Garmin (Streetpilot 7500)? If so, how is it done?


For a Gamin extrex vista hcx it works like this:
copy gmapsupp.img to the directory GARMIN on the SD card via Windows Explorer.

also see

I did exactly that, fx99, and I plugged it into my GPS, and I went to “detail maps” - there was nothing there. It took about 7 minutes to download, so I’m sure it went into the SD card under filename “GARMIN”.


File name must be gmapsupp.img, in the directory GARMIN. If you put the file into any other folder or if the name is only slightly different then you won’t see it.

Thanks - I made it work. I unzipped the file.