Download raw OSM data with overpass

Hi everyone, now it’s 13 years that I download raw OSM data with this overpass query:,9.816,46.366,10.909) ;<;);out;

obviously with “…node(45.200,9.816,46.366,10.909)…” I I define the area of ​​my interest.
The with splitter and mkgmap I create my personal map.

My question is this: every changeset that I had mapped from November 27th 2023 around 4:00 pm it’s still NOT present in the raw OSM data that I download!
I just tried and the OSM raw data are they are stopped and updated on November 27th at approximately 4:00 pm.
It appears that the data is frozen at that date and after 41 hours the mapped update it’s stopped.
Normally the update frequency has always been 1 or 2 minutes maximum…
Among other things, the further strange thing is that the rendering on and on the OSMAND smartphone app are perfectly updated! I really can’t understand…
Is there anyone else noticed this strange thing?


@dieterdreist please can you help me?

It is present:
Node: ‪BPER: Banca‬ (‪11380188160‬) | OpenStreetMap

grep -A 5 11380188160 out.osm

  <node id="11380188160" lat="45.7478095" lon="10.2403363">
    <tag k="amenity" v="bank"/>
    <tag k="atm" v="yes"/>
    <tag k="level" v="0"/>
    <tag k="name" v="BPER: Banca"/>

Hi @whb thanks for your answer but why it’s not present in this download?,9.816,46.366,10.909) ;<;);out;

I don’t understand the difference…

I don’t changed nothing in my script…

What do you think?



It is there, as I have shown.

I also see it in the downloaded data.

ok @whb

but I mean why with this command line,9.816,46.366,10.909) ;<;);out;

it’s not present?

How you download raw osm data for rendering your own map?


It IS present.

Hi @dieterdreist :slight_smile:
ok but how you download the raw data?
why with this command line script,9.816,46.366,10.909) ;<;);out;
the object I mapped it’s NOT present?

ok @whb but why it’s NOT present with this download?,9.816,46.366,10.909) ;<;);out;

how you download the raw osm data for rendering your own map?

Is there an alternative method to download fresh updated raw osm data?

@whb and @dieterdreist thanks, GRAZIE for your precious help: I solved!
Was only a my problem of refresh of “TileCache” of MapSource…